8 Questions to Find Out What Makes Me Happy

Questions to find out what makes me happy

Do you ever come across people who are always upbeat and no matter what life throws at them? While people can be genetically disposed toward happiness, it’s more likely that these people have simply discovered more of the things that make you happy in life and utilize them to their advantage.

What Makes Me Happy?

This is a difficult question. I searched for the answer for myself, to find something happy for a beautiful life. The good news is that you can increase your happiness index by doing these 8 questions that make me happy?  See more: How to Figure Out What Makes You Happy

1.What  Makes Me Lose Track Of Time?

When we have an exciting quest, we tend to forget about everything that is going on around. We happily do everything we need to do. It’s just the idea, the great process, the end result that we love and proudly look forward to. That is one of the reasons why people whose jobs related to their interests feel happier in life!

So, to find out what causes your brain to produce attacks of endorphins, ask yourself:

What do you enjoy doing to the point of completely losing track of time?

Is there anything interesting, interesting or interesting that you can do for hours?
Rest sometimes, in your sleep you still rest about it?

You may find the answer to “What makes me happy?” by answering these simple questions only.

2.What’s The Once Thing I can talk About for hours?

Most people can talk about the things they are passionate about or tell the person they like for hours without feeling tired or bored. Just like with activities that you find interesting, new color scheme or car model, new fashions. You can see that these are exactly what makes you happy in life.
P / S: Once you find it out … Do more to make you happy !!!

3.What things Made Me Happy As a Child?

When you feel lost in life, struggling with the question “What makes me happy?” simply look back at your childhood to find the answer. As a child you didn’t have any worries, responsibilities or constraints, so chances are you spent a lot of time in your childhood doing exactly what you liked best.
Try to recall yourself in your early childhood or teen years: what was your favorite thing back then? Is it playing fooball? happy with your parents? Or mischievous games with friends of the same age? Write these down to reveal a beautiful matrix of all the things that make you happy. Chances are most of them could also be the answers you need

4.Who Inspires Me?

When searching for your true calling. it may be a good idea to follow people who have alrealy found it! and if your’re already impressed by someone, look at this person and ask yourselt:

  • Why do you like this person?
  • Why you love what they’re doing?
  • Can you imagine yourself doing something similar?
  • Would that make you happy?

5.How would you live your life it you had no Financial constraints?

We have been pursuing money all our life, and every decision in our lives is based on this factor. Sometimes it makes you forget that there are more things around you than money. However, sit back and make your life as if you had all the money.

  • Would you still be doing your curent job?
  • Would you pursue something that has always lighted your soul on fire?
  • Who you were dreaming of becoming when you were  a child?
  • Would you still love that person if you came back?

You may find that “What makes me happy?” is not even the question you should be asking yourself because you already know what makes you happy. You  just don’t have the option to do it right now. And that is the perfect place and time to create a change in your life, and take that first step towards your dreams.

6.Do what you love?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Do what you love, and the money will follow?” Doing things that you love to do–and even better, getting paid for it–are good ways to boost your levels of happiness.

When work feels like play, you’re more likely to enjoy other aspects of your life more, too.

7.What Makes Me Happy in My Days?

If you are striving to find happiness, it may be closer than you think. You don’t have to change everything about your life in your search for happiness. You may not even need to find that mystical purpose everyone keeps talking about.

Have a look at your life and think about what you are doing right. “What makes me feel good? what makes me happy in day to day life?” – these questions can help you find the direction you need.

8.What upsets Me?

It’s like you’re doing something that brings you nothing but sadness. This is why sometimes to find out what makes you happy is actually easier than revisiting the things you hate.

Once you’ve figured out these elements, you can try to take them out of your life and replace them with something that gives you a culinary feel. Or new motivation. Not only will you immediately feel more positive, but you also open up the power to the things that really bring you joy. And hey, once all the small, sad and bad things have been removed from your life … Nothing obscures your vision anymore and you will easily see what excite you much more!

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